About us

The Timeless Box has been created by the things agency Honest&Smile

A things agency? Yes, we create things. No traditional advertising, no cute (empty) slogans... Things. In a world filled with words but in need of real action, we build digital and analog products that help our clients create value, driving awareness to their business. And, eventually, we even create our very own things and sell them around the globe. 

Since the year 2009 we have created and launched several products, such as The Love Box or the AbracadabrApp (with the lovely brand MOLESKINE). Finally, after several years of prototyping, in 2015 we partnered with some very nice people from Sausalito (San Francisco, USA) in order to produce the 1st badge of Timeless Boxes, ever. And here they are, ready for you to enjoy them.

It certainly has been a long road. Not an easy one, sometimes. Yet, we somehow feel what waits ahead might even longer. And full of wonderful surprises.

Thanks for being part of it.


Barcelona & San Francisco
July, 2016