Buy Timeless Box Ltd. Edition 2016

Send gifts to the future

Send gifts to the future

The Timeless Box is a unique device created to send gifts and emotions to the future, knowing nothing will interfere with them until the day arrives, it opens automatically, and it unveils whatever you had put inside.

A life-time clock & calendar

A life-time clock & calendar

Thanks to its long life internal clock, the heart-warming aluminum box serves also as a calendar for you –or your loved ones– to keep track of time passing by.



    The Timeless Box, a product unique on its own, is a patented object and a registered brand.


    In a world full of variables, the Timeless Box is a constant that guarantees something of yours will remain in the future.


    Thanks to its rechargeable double battery system, our product can be locked during several years (up to 10 years) and re-used after each opening.


    All our boxes are manufactured in full quality anodised aluminum and manually assembled in Europe, to guarantee long-lasting quality.


    Each Timeless Box can be programmed with a personal secret code to unlock it in case of emergency


    The Timeless Box has been designed –and made!– in the sunny Barcelona following the highest quality standards.